20 Ways To Keep Your Push Ups Interesting

Last month I wrote about how to execute the push up in good form for maximum benefits.

This month I want to show how you can keep them fresh, workout after workout. It only takes a simple twist to really spice things up. Here are my top 20 variations – offering an option for every fitness level.

How many will you try??

1. Single leg raise
Keep one leg lifted as you push up, alternating legs each rep.

2. Walk your hands from side to side
Push up, then step your hands over to the right. Push up, then step your hands back to the left, and repeat.

3. Hand tap
You’ll need a partner for this one – facing one another, you’ll high five one another in between each push up.

4. Add a clap
In between each push up, jump your hands up off the floor and clap. Place your hands back down on the floor and repeat.

5. Offset hand position
Stagger your hand position so that your right is further out in front of you than your left. Complete 5 push ups, then swap so that your left is now in front of your right.

6. Change up the pace
Try lowing down for the count of three, then one count to push back up.

7. Triceps
Keep your hands narrow and hug your elbows into your waist as you lower your chest to the floor. Straighten your arms as you push up.

8. Spiderman
As you lower your body, lift one leg and swing your knee out to the side towards your elbow. Push up and reach your leg back to the starting position, buy accutane alternating legs with each push up.

9. Feet raised
Complete the push up with your feet positioned on a step or bench.

10. Reverse push up
Also known as tricep dips – start on your back, push up into a reverse plank. Bend your elbows and reach them behind you, then straighten your arms to push back up.

11. Lower half only
Lower your body all the way down, then keep your push ups in the lower range only.

12. Add resistance
Drape a flex band over your upper back, so that the two ends run down your arms. Place your hands over the ends, so that you feel the resistance of the band as you push up.

13. Add a side plank
In between each push up, add a side plank.

14. Diamond hands
Hand position is narrow so your index fingers and thumbs touch, and elbows draw out and back slightly as you lower your body.

15. Feet narrow
Simply bringing your feet together will increase the intensity of the push up.

16. One Arm
Find your balance first, then lift one arm by your side as you complete the push up.

17. Hands on a medicine ball
The ball under your hands not only changes your arm position, it will mean you have to work harder to stabilise your body.

18. Jump your feet out
In between each push up, jump your feet out wide then back in.

19. Burpee
Adding a jump in between each of your push ups will take it to the next level and increase your heart rate.

20. Shift things forward
Keep your body weight forward as you perform your push ups. You’ll notice a shift in the focus of the exercise.