Summit Fitness Studio would like to wish you and your family Peace and Joy this Christmas and New Year.  Best wishes from Simone, Sam and all of the Summit Fitness Team.

We would also like to say a big Thank You!

2015 has been a fantastic year for Summit Members who have achieved personal growth, goals and lifestyle changes.  Every week we see Trainers, Coaches, business partners, sponsors and friends empower change to improve their lives.  We thank you for your continued support and for helping us encourage change in the way people think about health and fitness.

As the holidays approach there will be some changes to our normal class schedules.  Please note that all classes must be booked a minimum of 6 hours before to ensure that a trainer is there.  Please use your Zen accounts to book into all classes.  If you have any trouble booking into Zen over the period, please email:  for assistance.  Please note however that this email address is not manned 24/7 so make sure you allow plenty of time to book in.  I have included our class schedule below and it will also be available on Zen planner and our FaceBook group page.

Monday 21/12/15

0545 – Pilates Fitness – SF Studio

0930 –  Summit Beach fitness – Towradgi Park

Tuesday 22/12/15

0545 – Pilates Fitness – SF Studio

1830 – Tabata – Towradgi Park

 Wednesday 23/12/15

1830 – Beach Boxing – Towradgi Park

Thursday 24/12/15

0545 – Pilates fitness – Towradgi Park

Monday 4/1/16

0545 – Pilates Fitness – Towradgi Park

Tuesday 5/1/16

0545 – Pilates Fitness – Towradgi Park

0930 – Mat Pilates– Fairy Meadow hall

1830 – Tabata – Towradgi Park

Wednesday 6/1/16

1830 – Beach Boxing – Towradgi Park

Thursday 7/1/16

1800 – Mat Pilates –Fairy Meadow hall

Saturday 9/1/16

0630 –  Tabata – Towradgi Park

0830 – Mat Pilates – Fairy Meadow Hall

0930 – Mat Pilates – fairy Meadow hall

Monday 11/1/16 – Back to Normal class schedules, with the exception of Natalie Mat Pilates will be unavailable this week.  Keep an eye on schedules for Natalie’s return to classes after 17/1/16.