Thanks to check-in-travel-1 for being the Major Sponsor for the 2016 Summit Fitness Lifestyle Challenge.  Congratulations go to Chris Ruffley who won the challenge this year and won the Check-In Travel voucher.  Well done Chris.  Congratulations also go to all participants in the Challenge as you have all made fantastic progress towards achieving the goals you set.


The 2016 Summit Fitness LifeStyle challenge is nearly here.

Sponsored by   check-in-travel-1  who have kindly donated the major

prize of a Travel Voucher valued at over $300.00.  If you have travel plans

please support Check in Travel and click the logo shop antibiotics online above to visit their website.


With 3 options to choose from there is something to suit everyone!

Weigh In’s and Measurements commence Monday 29th Feb, 2016.

Beep Test and Classes commence Tuesday 1st March, 2016.

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Challenge for the Whole Family

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Challenge for Women Only – Access to two Women’s only

classes per week in a secure location during the challenge.

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